Some users have reported getting the error message “The signature of PriorityMatrixQT-Pro-installer.exe is corrupt or invalid”, typically when downloading Priority Matrix for Windows via the Microsoft Edge browser. The cause seems to be that Windows SmartScreen is somehow interrupting the download while it inspects it for viruses. This happens more often in the days following a new release of Priority Matrix for Windows, when Microsoft (and other antivirus manufacturers) have not had a chance to see the app often enough to consider it safe.

Error message: the signature is corrupt or invalid

In order to bypass this problem and be able to use Priority Matrix as normal, there are a few alternatives that might work or not, depending on your local setup:

  • You can download the installer using a different browser, like Firefox or Chrome.
  • If you were downloading the app into a custom folder, change it to the default Downloads folder. Or vice versa, if you were downloading into the default Downloads folder, try using a different folder like your desktop.
  • You can tell Windows SmartScreen to ignore this warning and run the app anyway. To do so, click the “View Downloads” button, right-click the downloaded file, then click “Run anyway.”
  • Finally, you can disable Windows SmartScreen altogether, although we do not recommend this in general, because it would expose your computer to various threats.

If you tried the steps above and still are unable to install and run Priority Matrix for Windows, please send us a message and we will try to help.