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I have problems with sync! Help!

Could you please take the following steps:
  1. Make sure that you are using the same correct email and passwords for all devices.
  2. Reset your password here
  3. Sign out and sign in again.
If steps 1- 3 didn’t help, please send us an email explaining the issue to support@appfluence.com (screenshots would be of great help). Note: Please do not delete your app because it may delete backups as well!

How confidential is the data with Priority Matrix?

We employ private clouds on Amazon AWS, as well as encryption at rest and in transit. Here’s our security protocol:

https://sync.appfluence.com/static/security/security_overview.pdf Uploaded files: As with all cloud services, you should only use judgement when uploading files. For our system, the files are stored in private repository that requires login, but also have a randomly generated URL for sharing, very similar to Box or Dropbox. If you delete a file from the system, no copies are stored in our system afterwards thus this file cannot be recovered.

What’s the difference between team members, project team, and followers?

Team Members

Team Members are the users added to your account. They have access to Priority Matrix software via your license. You can add, edit, and remove team members by selecting "Account" -> "Manage Account" from the menu bar at the top.

Add a Team Member

Project Team

Each project in Priority Matrix has a "Project Team." The Project Team is the list of users who the project is shared with - that is, the people who can view and edit the project. You can view your project team on Mac by selecting a project and looking at the project details section on the right hand side of your screen. On PC, select a project and then open up the team panel.



Every task in Priority Matrix has an Owner. The Owner is the person who is responsible for completing the task. It is the person who created the task by default, but you can change the owner by delegating the task.


Followers are people who want receive updates about an item, such as overdue notices and chat notifications. They aren't responsible for completing it, like the owner. But, they want to stay updated, connected, and participate in the conversation. You can view and add them via the Item Details Panel for any item.


Click here to see our guides to setting up your team on Mac and setting up your team on Windows

How does Priority Matrix handle data conflicts?

The latest version wins. This means that if you edit one item on two devices, and sync them later, the information from the device that's synced last will override the device that was synced first. This is how most sync services operate since it's impossible to figure out your true intentions. So the best strategy is to always keep your devices synced before making changes.

How does sync work?

Sync happens automatically and seamlessly when you are signed in from any platform. Your data is stored locally and when your device connects to our cloud servers through sync, a copy of your local data is propagated to our servers. The transmission is secured using SSL Security and your data is stored on our servers using password and key protection. In case of conflict between two editions on the same item, the latest one will remain, allowing you to have the most updated information with you anywhere you go.

Where can I see my invoices?

To access your invoices:

  1. In the account page, click "manage subscriptions":
  2. You'll see a list of your subscriptions. Paid and active ones are in green. Click on the subscription ID:
  3. You'll see a list of transactions for that subscription. Just click to see the invoice:
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