Hello!  You most likely found this article because the red line which indicates the current time in your Priority Matrix calendar is one hour off. Perhaps you started getting notifications one hour too late, or too early.  This is due to the daylight saving time change that occurs in parts of the world twice a year. Our system makes an attempt to correct this automatically, for example, when you log in to our web app, but if you’re still having trouble soon after a time change, you might want to manually update your time zone settings.

manually update your calendar settings


In order to correct the problem, open your time zone settings page and see what is your time zone offset. That is the time difference between UTC (Universal Time Zone) and your location. The page itself will make a suggestion as to what value you should choose, if you’re not confident. Once you do this, it might be a good idea to restart your apps so they pick up the latest value.

If you further need assistance, please let us know!