Does PM Sync Across All the Platforms?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is still yes, but let’s go over the different platforms. There are three general types of platforms: the non-download web app, the ones for Windows or Android products, and the ones for Apple products. The web app is accessible from the homepage after logging in.  Because it isn’t […]

How to Use Commands on Mac

Your mother always told you not to talk back, but here’s the exception: in Priority Matrix, you can communicate with the program via different means using commands. Our blog made an article about the commands and how else to say it, but here’s the list: There are three main ways to do it… Via Email: […]

How Can I Change Project Name, Quadrant Colors and Quadrant Names on Android?

To customize projects, including making changes to the quadrant names and colors, follow these simple steps. Click the name of the project in the white bar across the top of the project screen. You will be shown a list of quadrant names. To edit an individual quadrant name and color, click that line. There, you […]

How Do I Use the Priority Matrix Inbox on Android?

You can easily forward emails to your Priority Matrix inbox, which creates a task based on the details of the email and allows you to import that task into a project. Here’s how it works: Navigate to your Inbox using the menu in the upper left-hand side of the app. Click “Inbox” in the bottom […]

How Can I View the Master List on Android?

To view the master list on Android, select the menu in the upper right-hand corner of the app. Select “Master List” This will show you items across all projects, based on certain criteria. To view items due this week or this month, click on “TODAY” to open a drop-down menu. To view items in Q2, […]

How Do I Add a Team Member to a Project on Android?

To share projects with a team member on Android, start by opening the collaboration menu by clicking the icon in the bottom, middle of the desired project. When the menu opens, select “Show Project Collaborators” Click the drop-down arrow alongside “Other collaborators” and select the team member you would like to share the project with […]

How Do I Use Filters on Android?

Priority Matrix for Android allows you to filter and sort items in a few ways. To access Priority Matrix’s filters, select the funnel in the bottom right-hand corner of the app. You will see the options for “Filter Mode” and “Sorting Mode”. Filter Mode allows you to sort items based on completion status. When you […]

How Can I Add/Remove a Team Member on Android?

Adding or removing a team member on Android devices is simple! Within the app, locate the menu in the upper right-hand corner. Select “Collaboration” This will open our webpage. Click on the menu on the upper right-hand side and select “Account” From here, scroll to the bottom and select “Manage Account” and simply add or […]

How Do I Add a Team Member to a Project on Android?

Open the project that you would like to share Click on People icon –  Select “Team View” –  Tap on the email of the person if s/he is listed. If not, just click on “+” icon and add your team mate’s email address – 

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