Now that you have your  emails in your Priority matrix inbox, the next step for many users is to add that email to a project, or link it to an item.  The following steps will tell you how to add an email to a project or an Item 🙂

Add an Email to a Project

  1. Go to your Priority matrix inbox
  2. Drag and drop that email into a quadrant within a project

An an Email to an Item

  1. In your Priority Matrix inbox, right click the email and select ‘Get Link To this Item”Add a Email to a Project or Item
  2. Go to a specific Item
  3. From here, you can either paste the link where it says “No URL”
  4. Or, you can paste it into the notes of the item

Add a Email to a Project or Item

Great!  Now you know how to add a email to a project or item! 🙂

You can learn how to sync your Prioirty Matrix calendar here 🙂