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Workload Management Tool for Teams

Priority Matrix is a workload management software that helps teams manage, visualize, and redistribute workload.


Best in Class Workload Management Tool

Best in Class Workload Management Tool

Priority Matrix is an intelligent project management solution that provides managers the visibility they need to manage more effectively. Know what team members are spending their time on, delegate new work with certainty, and maintain a balanced workload. Priority Matrix provides a number of ways to visualize your team’s workload, through shared projects, calendars, and reports.

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Improved Visibility

Shared projects, calendar feeds, and real-time reports help managers balance their employee workload more effectively. With Priority Matrix, teams reduce duplication of effort and miscommunication.

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More Effective Management

Know when your team is falling behind, when resources are thin, and more. As a workload management tool, Priority Matrix provides reports and notifications to keep track of your team.

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Higher Productivity

Delegate tasks to your team at the touch of a button, communicate in real-time, and reduce the need for meetings. Achieve better communication and understanding of your team’s workload.

Workload Visibility

  • Workload distribution among team members

  • Progress per item and per project

  • What’s been done and what hasn’t been done

Resource Distribution

  • Predict when teams and individuals will be busiest so you can redistribute workload

  • Proactively plan for peak times

  • Distribute workload more evenly across people or time

Track Team Workload

  • Real time data from daily and weekly tasks

  • See flow of resource and people to projects

  • Monitor individual contribution

  • Gain actionable insights


Thousands of Customers Trust Priority Matrix for Better Workload Management
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Priority Matrix’s average rating for functionality is 4.6 out of 5.0, as of 9/15/17