Case Study San Mateo

San Mateo County | Public Transit

San Mateo County | Public Transit

Priority Matrix in the Public Sector

Track incomplete workTrack incomplete work

Luiz Velasquez

Senior Contract Officer


The San Mateo County Transit District is the administrative body responsible for the public transit and transportation programs in San Mateo, California. The department manages operations of SamTrans, CalTrain, and other transportation services within the county, servicing millions of riders every year. Luiz Velasquez is a Senior Contract Officer with SMCTD. Here, Luiz describes how he uses Priority Matrix to manage his direct reports, as well as his individual workflow, to increase productivity.


Before using Priority Matrix, Luiz had developed his own method of task management, which involved choosing 6 essential tasks to finish each day. However there was difficulties with:
  1. Sticking to this system daily
  2. Little to no defense against small daily interruptions
  3. Quickly determining which tasks could be delegated


Luiz and his team currently uses Priority Matrix to:
  1. Identify, prioritize, and manage his and his team’s own daily work
  2. Hold both himself and his direct reports accountable
  3. Drag and drop emails and tasks from Outlook to create to-dos
  4. Track incomplete work across his team


Since using Priority Matrix, Luiz has seen an increase in his personal productivity, and his peace of mind. In addition to completing more activities per day, Luiz has a reliable method to track incomplete track. Finally, Luiz says Priority Matrix has helped him say no to unwanted interruptions.

“My personal productivity and peace of mind have increased. I have been able to dramatically increase accountability for myselfand my team.’ -Luiz Velasquez

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Priority Matrix is the single most used application because of its power and flexibility to both organize and track large volumes of activities and tasks. It has powerful functionality in a simple package that actually reduces the effort required, and unlike other applications, doesn’t require tedious interaction that takes away from actual execution. I love the fact that all tasks put into using PM can easily be communicated and shared with colleagues and clients through a variety of flexible methods. It’s effective all the way through.

Terry Gold, Founder

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We use Priority Matrix on a daily basis. As a small and quickly growing company, our team members are wearing many hats and often pulled in several different directions. Shared projects bring transparency to everyone’s weekly priorities and have eliminated the ‘last in, first priority’ issue with emails. Personal projects help us break down day-to-day tasks, so we’re always focusing on only the most important goals for the day.

Adam Peterson, CEO

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A very useful tool for team meetings when we discuss progress on tasks – the ability for anyone in the team to update and sync with all others in real time, is great. I use it to generate quarterly performance reports to the senior exec and the evidence of tasks completed is also used in performance management discussions with individual members of the team. It’s a more elegant and efficient way to manage work flows.

Steven Newman, Planning Manager

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