Reuse Tabs: A Browser Extension

How It Works

Reuse Tabs is designed to simplify your digital life. Whenever you open a new tab in Chrome, Edge, or Firefox, the extension instantly checks if that URL is already open in another tab. If it is, Reuse Tabs smartly redirects you to the existing tab, avoiding duplication. This not only keeps your browser tidy but also conserves memory and processing power, which can lead to improved performance of your device.

The Reuse Tabs extension for Chrome, Edge and Firefox helps declutter your browser

Easy to Access

Getting started with Reuse Tabs couldn’t be easier. You can find and install Reuse Tabs directly from the Chrome Web Store or by using your browser’s built-in extension search feature. Just type “Reuse Tabs” into the search bar, and with a single click, you can download and start using the extension right away.

Works With or Without Priority Matrix

While Reuse Tabs works seamlessly with Priority Matrix by Appfluence to help you maintain efficiency without overloading your browser, it is also a standalone tool. You can benefit from the tab management features of Reuse Tabs regardless of whether you use Priority Matrix. The extension is designed to complement your workflow and enhance productivity, whether you’re managing projects or simply browsing the web.

Get Reuse Tabs Today

Transform your web browsing experience with Reuse Tabs. Keep your browser organized, your device running smoothly, and your mind clear from the clutter of unnecessary tabs. Get the Reuse Tabs extension for your favorite browser:

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