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Discount for retired individuals

Congratulations on your retirement! Make the most of your leisure time with Priority Matrix.

Why Choose Our Retiree Discount?

At Appfluence Inc, we understand the importance of making the most of your retirement years. At the moment, for *INDIVIDUALS*, you can get our discounted Essential license here.

Questions about Our Retiree Discount? Contact Us at

How Can Retirees Get the Discount?
To access our retiree discount, simply send us a message and we’ll give you specific steps to get the discount on Priority Matrix.

Is Proof of Retirement Required?
Any documentation that you have with you will suffice. For example, an AARP membership card, a library or bus pass, etc.

Can Retirees Share This Discount?
Yes, retirees can share this discount with friends and family, allowing them to also benefit from this special offer.