Priority Matrix + Office 365 = Productivity

Project management software for emails, projects, action-items, meetings and more — all while reducing context switching.

Focus on high-impact work, prioritize Outlook emails, review one-on-one tasks in Teams, all while reducing context switching.

Microsoft 365 Security Certified and #1 Microsoft Outlook’s Editor’s Choice app in March 2020.

Project Management Software

Manage projects, priorities, and deadlines all within Microsoft Teams.

Priority Matrix for Microsoft Teams

features: shared tasks list for one-on-one meetings; intelligent chatbot; messaging extension to share action-cards.

Turn emails into tasks to never drop important emails ever again.

Priority Matrix for Outlook 365

lets you connect emails and attachments to action items; use AI to identify relevant tasks; open emails on all PM platforms, including Microsoft Teams.


Priority Matrix makes me much more effective. It helps me ‘know’ what is going on in my world that is currently relevant. This also allows me to be able to delegate and collaborate on those tasks, schedule them, with total integration into the Office 365 suite. I feel on some level that the Priority Matrix integrations takes the core Office 365 suite to the next level.

– Steve Reid, Information Systems Analyst, CVWD

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saves thousands of hours pear year using Priority Matrix and Office 365


Based on the eisenhower method framework, Priority Matrix is a full featured project management software that helps teams prioritize and focus on what matters most.

Priority Matrix Team Calendar Features

prioritize together icon

Shared Team Calendars

Manage more effectively with comprehensive team calendars. For managers, shared calendars provide the perfect way to ensure your team is staying on track.

find tasks icon

Increase Visibility

Filter by project, team member, and more, to visualize your projects in the most effective way. Quickly understand project timelines, workload distribution, and more.

find time icon

Flexible Functionality

Wednesday looks too booked? Simply drag and drop tasks to reassign due dates, directly within the calendar. Or, add new tasks to your projects and watch them appear in the calendar view. Priority Matrix molds to your needs.

Project Calendar

    • Shared Calendar

      Shared calendars are an essential project management tools for managers to achieve accountability and visibility in their teams.

    • Project Calendar

      – With the Priority Matrix project calendar, you can easily monitor which team member is responsible for each piece of your shared projects, allowing you to hone in on individual team members in order to visualize workflows and project contributions.

    • Integrated to Tools You Love

      Integrate your PM calendar with Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal, or even your mobile device.
How to Create Project Calendar

    • Add tasks to matrix

      Add tasks to the project you would like to work on along with due dates (for example, “Send report to Sally due in 2 weeks”)

    • Delegate and prioritize

      Assign to the rightful owner as well as the quadrant so that everyone is aligned on the priority level

    • Review the project calendar date

      Click on the calendar view at the top to see the project’s calendar, or click on calendar on the left panel to see action items across multiple projects
Tips for Project and Calendar Management

    • An efficient tool is crucial

      When it comes to project management, utilizing an efficient calendar tool can make or break project success. Priority Matrix creates calendars automatically without duplicate work.

    • Allocate Responsibilities

      The most common uses of shared team calendars and project calendars are to visualize project due dates and timeline and track which team members are responsible for which tasks.

    • Improve accountability

      For project managers, and managers in general, shared team calendars are a great way to improve team accountability.
Tips for Shared Team Calendar

    • Utilize filters

      Utilize the Priority Matrix filters to hone in on individual team members. This provides a quick way to check up on who’s working on what.

    • Plan directly in calendar view

      If you’re a visual thinker, plan your project directly in the calendar view; you’ll have a clear overview of the workload distribution as you plan. For longer-term tasks, opt for the Gantt chart.

    • Centralize calendar details

      Don’t forget to add task details as you go about your project. Priority Matrix allows for more than just due dates! Try uploading files in order to share additional info with your team members. This allows team members to get everything they need to get the job done from the calendar view itself.

    • OFFICE 365

      – Handle important Outlook emails, manage complex projects, conduct efficient Teams conversations, all while reducing context switching.

    • OUTLOOK 365

      – Create tasks from emails, attach emails to existing action items, as well as set due dates, priorities, reminders, and delegate emails all within Outlook.


      – Manage projects directly inside Teams, get reminders through the chatbot, use the Messaging Extension to send action-cards, and conduct one-on-one meetings inside Teams.
Thousands of Customers Trust Priority Matrix to Better Manage Priorities
Priority Management


    – Understand and communicate to everyone what tasks are critical, and what are not.


    – Use the master list for a broad overview of all your projects and progress or get an instant snapshot of project progress by looking at the project squares.


    – Visually categorize your tasks using icons and stars to rapidly identify the types of tasks you have at hand and to distinguish your most important tasks.


    – Filter by collaborators to easily see who’s working on what at any given time. Use tags, filters, sort, and search to never lose track of a task again.


    – Get instant, accurate daily, weekly, or time specific reports to track the status of your team and projects. Easily generate individual teammate’s reports for comprehensive performance reviews.


    – Use the real time item & project history streams to keep up to date. See conversations and progress for each individual task or for entire projects.


    – Add teammates to build your dreamteam for any project. Easily work with collaborators without a Priority Matrix account through their own email client.


    – Sharing responsibilities has never been easier. Assign tasks to a point person, or add several followers to a task to keep them up to date.


    – Keeping everyone up to date is a breeze with an inapp chat and indepth history. Chat through the app or simply reply to project or item progress emails to contribute to the conversation.


    – Add icons, notes, dates, progress, files, effort estimates, and more to keep track of all the little things effortlessly. Sort by these criterias to see tasks that are closest to being done or tasks that require the most effort.


    – Drag files to your desired project to upload and organize your files. Add due dates, notes, and more to each file- if you have a document deadline, simply upload, date, and assign to ensure timely delivery.


    – Whether you prefer to work off of your mac, windows, iphone, ipad, or android, we’ve got you covered. Sync seamlessly so you can focus on the important stuff and never worry about losing or forgetting your tasks again.

WORK OFFLINE Whether you’re in your office or in the field, local storage and caches lets you work anytime, anywhere.

FLEXIBLE STORAGE Store your information on your own hard drive for local access or in the cloud for full access using any device.

LIGHTNING FAST As a true native app, Priority Matrix is more responsive and higher performing than any web app.

NATIVE ADVANTAGE Use the app’s native capabilities and take advantage of the right-click context menu and the in-depth menu bar.

DEEP INTEGRATION Integrate better with system features and functionality like calendar, notifications, camera, and much more.

TRUSTED SECURITY Cloud data is encrypted in transit and at rest at secure U.S. based locations.