Priority Matrix Productivity

Item Inbox: Creating Priority Matrix items by email

We are excited to introduce the Priority Matrix Item Inbox. It lets users like you send an email to our server in order to create a new item. This enables very interesting use cases, such as:

Watch how it works (on an older version of Priority Matrix, but you get it):

What’s the gist? It’s simple. Each Priority Matrix account has a private and secret Item Inbox address. Email messages sent to that address will appear as incoming tasks in your Item Inbox the next time you open Priority Matrix. The easiest way to find out your private Item Inbox address is to open your account setup page and just copy the address into your clipboard. Save it in your address book to be used when the inspiration strikes and you need to create new items via email. Finally, when you open the Item Inbox in the Priority Matrix apps, you can drag them to a specific project and quadrant of your choice to incorporate them into your work. That’s all!

We would like to hear from you if you find this feature valuable or not, and if you have any comments or suggestions for improvement. If so, as always, write to us. We love user input!

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