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Work Music Playlists

Listening to music at work is one of the most effective strategies to boost your productivity. However, it can be a little difficult to figure out you perfect Work Music mix; here are a few suggestions to get you ready for work!


So what exactly is the best kind of music for work?

Well that’s a hard question to ask. Everyone is different and their musical tastes might differ along with the amount of concentration they need to have when working.

To suit a wide variety musical styles, situations, and focus levels, below you will find a list that will help you find your perfect work music match!


Early Morning Work Music

Mornings can be the hardest time to get any work done but if you add a little extra step to your morning work routine, you can get the work finished faster and more efficiently. In the morning, try listening to some smooth pop, rock, or alternative music to help you warm up for the day.

Consider this playlist to be your pre-game stretch—this music should be mellow but not too melancholy. Try out a Coldplay album along with your morning coffee to ease you into the work day without getting you worked up too early in the day.


Mid-Morning Energy Boost Music for Work

Now it’s time to get pumped for the day ahead! You’ve had your coffee and you’re beginning to feel the buzz. ake advantage of this feeling and crank up the tunes. Try some 80’s pop/rock to keep up your enthusiasm while still being focused enough to get work done.

You’ll probably already be familiar with most of the songs you hear so you won’t really be focusing on them musically, but you will be able to to keep up with their fun and productive spirits!

Before-Lunch Blues Work Music


You only have an hour before you break for lunch, however  you’re worried you might not make it. At this time of the day, you might be tired, hungry, and even a little bit bored, but you are a warrior! You understand that you have to wait it through while still accomplishing something.

For this kind of feeling, try a mix of inspirational and epic music; these kinds of songs will make you feel like you are part of an amazing adventure/action film and that your greatest mission is to finish those documents!


Post-Lunch Work Music


So you’re back from your break and ready to work. Take this playlist back to some humbler roots and try some fun country music. This will make you feel lively and accomplished while reminding you of hard work.

For those of us who may not be such big country fans, try some classic working class rock and roll to get you back into the working spirit!


Get Pumped For A Meeting Work Music Mix


It’s time for your big meeting and you might be nervous, or tired,  but this can be fixed with a great get pumped mix.

For this situation, try a selection of movie training montage songs. These will get you pumped up and ready to take on the board room like Rocky took on the boxing ring!

The De-Stress Playlist Of Work Music


Sometimes work can be extremely stressful and all you want to do is turn off your computer, leave the office, and go sit in your car in silence, but unfortunately we can’t all do that.

Instead of storming off, try a relaxing spa mix or calming nature sounds. These can help calm you down along while giving you a relaxing canvas on which you can complete your work.

The End Of The Day Countdown 


It’s almost five o’clock and you are feeling ready to turn in, punch out, and start your evening. Well you’ve still got some time to go, so motivate yourself with a combo of some of the classics:

Closing Time:

Four Minutes:

The Final Countdown:



Remember to keep your focus on your work as you listen and stay productive, but if are feeling like you need a day to yourself you can always work from home…