Priority Matrix® for Android

priority matrix for android

Focus on high-impact work

Manage your priorities with a simple, effective Android app.

  • Keep track of important emails: Integrates with Apple Mail, Reminder through Item Inbox

  • Prioritize today: Receive daily reports telling you what to work on next & pull your PM items into your iCal & Outlook

  • Have a single source of truth: Syncs with Mac, Windows, Android. Upload files, manage priorities like a pro!


    (no credit card needed — includes all platforms 14 days)

    Priority Matrix® – best prioritization app for android

    Prioritize to get more done

    Whether you’re working on a million dollar contract or a science fair project, our straight forward approach to prioritization will give you all the tools you need to do the most important things– first. Use Priority Matrix to prioritize tasks, events, and more.

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    Plan, organize, do more with less stress

    When you focus on the important stuff first, you can do more with less stress. Knock your biggest boulders out of the way with small, manageable tasks and you’ll be taking that trip around the world before you know it.

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    The Priority Matrix® Difference

    Conquer your most important day-to-day commitments
    while keeping your high-level goals in mind.

    eisenhower matrix android app

    Over 90,000 busy professionals have invested in Priority Matrix® to help them prioritize and do more with less stress. Priority Matrix is a priority and task management tool based on the Eisenhower method. Your tasks are divided into 4 customizable quadrants:

  • Critical & Immediate- Important tasks that are due now
  • Critical & Not Immediate- Important tasks needs planning
  • Not Critical & Immediate- External responsibilities that can be delegated
  • Uncategorized Inbox- Miscellaneous items that can be categorized later

  • President Dwight D. Eisenhower once said “What is important is seldom urgent, and what is urgent is seldom important.” Priority Matrix is made to solve this problem in the same way Eisenhower did, and is a critically-acclaimed business and productivity tool that distinguishes itself from traditional linear to-do lists.


    (no credit card needed — includes all platforms 14 days)