Priority Matrix discounts for Non-Profits

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As a registered non-governmental non-profit, you are elegible for a partial or complete discount on most of our plans. Please keep reading for more details.

Can I get a discount for my non-profit?

Absolutely, registered charities and non-governmental non-profit organizations qualify for a discount on any of our plans. The specifics change time to time, so we encourage you to send us a message describing your organization, and we’ll get back to you pretty quickly. At the moment, we are offering a 50% discount to qualifying non-governmental non-profits, similar to our discounts for students, teachers and educational institutions.

Can I use Priority Matrix for free?

If your non-governmental non-profit organization cannot afford our discounted plans, we’d be happy to keep you with us with a 10-user license, in exchange for a link from your website, like your sponsors page or your blog. Send us a message and we will tell you the details. We will figure out something that works for you. Note that this offer is exclusive to registered non-governmental non-profit organizations.

Questions about purchasing? Contact us at

Is Priority Matrix for my team?
Priority Matrix is designed for disciplined teams to take their work to the next level by focusing on important things first. Priority Matrix license includes access to all platforms: iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows, Android, Chrome, Outlook, and Teams.

Which license is right for me?
Licenses depend on the number of other people you work with and what capabilities you want access to. We can help you decide, just shoot us a note:

What if I change my mind?
Purchases of our self-service software plans come with a full 100% 30-day money back guarantee. This is rare in the subscription business world, but your satisfaction is very important to us, and we’d love to learn how we can make it better — just contact us. Refunds are subject to currency rate changes.

How does licensing work?
Licenses are on a subscription basis, charged annually, and will auto-renew automatically. You can cancel by emailing us at All licenses come with all our apps that sync together and all licenses can collaborate across teams. Team members don’t have to buy their own licenses if they’re added to an existing team with enough seats. All prices are in USD.

Can I get live on-boarding support?
Yes. If your organization is 50 or more people, you can request a live intro with live Q&A for your group. Simply contact us at with a phone # and a good time for us to call you. We also provide customized enterprise solutions.

I have another question…
No problem! We’d love to discuss any questions you may have. Contact us at with your questions or let us know whats a good time and number to call you at.