Office 365 Project Management Integration (Featured)

Office 365 Project Management Integration

Office 365 Project Management Integration

Priority Matrix is fully integrated into the Office 365 platform to create a central source of truth to coordinate all the work your team needs to do.

Priority Matrix is fully integrated into the Office 365 platform to create a central source of truth to coordinate all the work your team needs to do.

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Project Management Integrations for Microsoft Teams and Outlook 365

Project Management Integrations for Microsoft Teams and Outlook 365

The Priority Matrix for Office 365 integrations give you a complete and robust solution to manage tasks, emails, projects, and responsibilities directly in Office 365.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Manage projects, priorities, and deadlines all within Microsoft Teams. Priority Matrix for Microsoft Teams features a shared tasks view for one-on-one meetings; an intelligent chatbot to suggest what to work on next; a messaging extension to share relevant tasks; the ability to manage projects in 4-quadrants, calendars, gantt-chart, and reports format; and sharing of emails from Outlook 365.

Outlook 365 Integration

Turn emails into tasks so that you’d never forget to answer important emails ever again. Priority Matrix for Outlook 365 lets you connect emails and attachments to action items; sync your emails to all of the Priority Matrix platforms for Mac/Desktop/mobile; and bring up emails into Microsoft Teams conversations. Works on Outlook 365 for web, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Why Use Priority Matrix?

Priority Matrix is the leading prioritization software that gives you everything you need to manage priorities, tasks, and projects to achieve transparency, accountability, traceability, and efficiency. You get peace of mind that everyone is doing things right, and doing the right things. Priority Matrix customers estimate saving 2.5 weeks per person per year in productivity.


Thousands of Customers Trust Priority Matrix for Better Priority Management

Priority Management

  • PRIORITIZATION CENTRIC – Understand and communicate to everyone what tasks are critical, and what are not.

  • SEE THE BIG PICTURE – Use the master list for a broad overview of all your projects and progress or get an instant snapshot of project progress by looking at the project squares.

  • QUICKLY IDENTIFY FOCAL POINTS – visually categorize your tasks using icons and stars to rapidly identify the types of tasks you have at hand and to distinguish your most important tasks.


  • NEVER LOSE A TASK AGAIN – filter by collaborators to easily see who’s working on what at any given time. Use tags, filters, sort, and search to never lose track of a task again

  • ACCURATE REPORTS – get instant, accurate daily, weekly, or time specific reports to track the status of your team and projects. Easily generate individual teammate’s reports for comprehensive performance reviews.

  • ALWAYS KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING – use the real time item & project history streams to keep up to date. See conversations and progress for each individual task or for entire projects.


  • INDIVIDUALIZED PROJECT ACCESS – add teammates to build your dreamteam for any project. Easily work with collaborators without a Priority Matrix account through their own email client.

  • ALLOCATE RESPONSIBILITIES – sharing responsibilities has never been easier. Assign tasks to a point person, or add several followers to a task to keep them up to date.

  • COMMUNICATE EASILY – keeping everyone up to date is a breeze with an inapp chat and indepth history. Chat through the app or simply reply to project or item progress emails to contribute to the conversation.


  • KEEP TRACK OF ALL THE DETAILS – add icons, notes, dates, progress, files, effort estimates, and more to keep track of all the little things effortlessly. Sort by these criterias to see tasks that are closest to being done or tasks that require the most effort.

  • SHARE & MANAGE FILES EASILY – drag files to your desired project to upload and organize your files. Add due dates, notes, and more to each file- if you have a document deadline, simply upload, date, and assign to ensure timely delivery.

  • SYNC ACROSS DEVICES – Whether you prefer to work off of your mac, windows, iphone, ipad, or android, we’ve got you covered. Sync seamlessly so you can focus on the important stuff and never worry about losing or forgetting your tasks again.


Whether you’re in your office or in the field, local storage and caches lets you work anytime, anywhere.

Store your information on your own hard drive for local access or in the cloud for full access using any device.

As a true native app, Priority Matrix is more responsive and higher performing than any web app.

Use the app’s native capabilities and take advantage of the right-click context menu and the in-depth menu bar.

Integrate better with system features and functionality like calendar, notifications, camera, and much more.

Cloud data is encrypted in transit and at rest at secure U.S. based locations.