Priority Matrix Live Demo

If you have heard of Priority Matrix but haven’t had the time to open the app, here you can still learn why thousands of happy subscribers love it. This is a sample project for a manager who is using Priority Matrix to plan their first 30, 60 and 90 days at a new job. Click around and explore without fear!

Are you ready to try this on your own? If so, go ahead and open Priority Matrix with your own free account, and start by writing down 3 or 4 tasks that you have in mind. Then things will flow from there.

What can I do with this Priority Matrix demo?

This is a limited version of what Priority Matrix looks like when you are using it. Some functionality is hidden for privacy purposes. Other parts are disabled or in read-only mode. But you can still get a gist for the purpose of our system by clicking around. Here are some ideas:

  • Click everything: Click on the various items and explore the notes and various fields.
  • Resize everything: Drag the little button in the middle to focus on one quadrant or another. Make the details panel larger.
  • Change the display mode: Use the drop-down menu to alternate between matrix, list, calendar or Gantt chart (timeline) view mode.

Are there any limitations to this live demo?

While this demo is good enough to give you a rough idea of how Priority Matrix works, how to think about your tasks the PM way, and explore a sample project, the truth is that there is no substitute for the real system. So why don’t you open your Priority Matrix, or if you don’t have it already, register for a free account, and try out the rest of the functionality, which we cannot show you here:

  • Make changes: Editing items, drag them from one quadrant to another, change due dates, mark as complete, change the quadrant names and colors, add tags…
  • Create new data: Add a new project from scratch, or starting from a template. Double click to add new items.
  • Collaborate with teammates: Assign items to one another. Discuss details using the item-level chat.
  • Attach files: You can attach relevant documents at the item level. They show up as “resources”, along with other relevant fields.
  • Use the integrations: Priority Matrix works great by itself, but it’s even better when used inside Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Google Chrome, Gmail, and many other integrations that make the system even more powerful.