Value-Effort IT Template – Target the “low hanging fruit” projects first.

Projects that have HIGH VALUE and LOW EFFORT would probably be best projects to go after, the “low hanging fruit” projects. Just the opposite would be the projects that have LOW VALUE and require HIGH EFFORT to complete.

You can prioritize your projects with VALUE and EFFORT criteria using PRIORITY MATRIX’s IT Project Value Analysis Template.

Put each project in one of four quadrants based upon your assessment of their VALUE and EFFORT:

  • Quadrant-1: High Value. Low Effort
  • Quadrant-2: High Value, High Effort
  • Quadrant-3: Low Value, Low Effort
  • Quadrant-4: Low Value, High Effort

Target the HIGH VALUE projects in Quadrant-1 followed by those in Quadrant-2. LOWER VALUE projects should be less important so projects in Quadrant’s-3 and 4 take a lower priority.

This process is a simple way to organize projects in a way that truly helps you prioritize them based upon the value they contribute to your company and targets you in going after the “low hanging fruit” first.

Want to use this template in your Priority Matrix account? (Account required).

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