Employee Performance Template: Streamline Annual Employee Performance Planning and Reviews

Use PRIORITY MATRIX’s Employee Performance Planning Template to create standard Performance Plans for each employee type (Systems and Network Engineers, Software Developers or Programmers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Help Desk Reps, etc.).

Once you have a functional standard for an employee category such as Software Developers, you can use this standard to customize an Annual Performance Plan for each of your Software Developers. Start with the same standard but tailor each person’s plan based upon his or her needs for focus or improvement. It will reduce your performance planning work time and effort considerably.

As the year passes, use each employee’s customized plan to monitor and document the employee’s completion of each objective within the plan. When the time comes to develop the annual review, you have a considerable amount of information to measure the employee throughout the year versus over just the past couple of months.

PRIORITY MATRIX makes employee performance planning and reviews simpler and much more effective plus it creates an environment that helps you hold your employees accountable for their performance.

Want to use this template in your Priority Matrix account? (Account required).

Mike Sisco is the founder of the IT Manager Institute with a mission of, “helping IT managers of the world
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