This article will walk you through how to set up Priority Matrix Mac calendars as a 2-way sync with your iCal and Google Calendar.

Please note that this feature is still in the works, and while it’s useful, we strongly recommend that you set up a separate calendar for this to avoid conflicts with your existing calendar items. Additionally, you can set up a Read-Only view of the Priority Matrix calendar in Google calendar. Our link to set that up is below.

1) First, open Calendar on your Mac
2) Go to the menu at the very top, choose Preferences
3) Press the “+” button to add your gmail account, and then choose “Google”

Setting up your Google Calendar into iCal

4) After signing in with your Google account, change the refresh calendars to “every minute” to make sync more seamless

Setting calendar sync to be every minute

Next, open up Priority Matrix for Mac (please note this requires version 2017-02-07 and above. If you don’t have it and want access to it, reach out to us)

5) Select the project you want sync with your calendar
6) Go to the project details menu and choose “Calendar settings”

Setting up Priority Matrix 2-way calendar sync

7) Check the box “Sync …”
8) Choose your gmail address from the calendar list

That’s it with set up!

If you’re setting up iCal sync, then you can skip the email integration, and simply just create a new local calendar that you can sync Priority Matrix with. Changes you make with Google calendar will sync with iCal, which then syncs with the 4th quadrant in Priority Matrix.

For steps to add just a calendar subscription to your gmail account, check out this link: How Can I Sync Priority Matrix With Google Calendar