When something has an incorrect sync it can be confusing and even frustrating.   No need to worry because  you are in good hands with Priority Matrix 🙂 Every time you open the app, we automatically generate a backup copy of your data ,so if something goes wrong, you can restore an older version of your data and start again.  To get started, follow these steps!  If you are looking to do this on Windows, see this document to restore your backups on Windows!  Here is how to restore backup data on Mac.

Restore Backup Data on Mac:

Note***Before you start, please make sure you make a backup of all your files 🙂 You can do this by running this script and following the steps below:

  1. Click the link above to download a file called PMScript.zip
  2. Open the file from downloads file
  3. Quit Priority Matrix completely
  4. Right-click the PMScript app and select “Open”
  5. Proceed to the following steps when this is complete


        1. Force-quit on Priority Matrix to avoid any data conflicts
        2. Open Finder
        3. Open menu “Go / Go to Folder…” (or press shift-command-G)
        4. Enter “~/Library/Application Support/Appfluence/PriorityMatrix/” (without the quotes) to reach your backups folder
        5. You will see a series of files starting in either “save”, “autosave”, and “sync, and ending in .sqlite. These files are backup copies of all the user data, which the system automatically creates right before a save, autosave or full sync operation. This is where you will find the correct version of your data.
        6. Look at these files and notice their modification date.  Determine which file likely contains the data you  want to restore, based on the modification date.  Right-click and choose “get info” to see details of file.


      1. Delete the main data model file, prioritymatrix_2_26.sqlite or similar
      2. Take the chosen backup file and use it to overwrite the data model (i.e. make a copy and give it the same name of the file you just erased, prioritymatrix_2_26.sqlite or similar), but make sure to leave the backup file untouched or we’ll lose that backup option*** Please note*** Your files may have a different name, such as: “prioritymatrix_2_27.sqlite”
      3. Turn off the internet
      4. Start Priority Matrix again and see if the data loaded is what you need
      5. Turn on the internet so the app begins to sync
      6. For good measure, right-click and export the projects as .pmatrix before they’re synced again