You can easily forward emails to your Priority Matrix inbox, which creates a task based on the details of the email and allows you to import that task into a project. Here’s how it works:

Navigate to your Inbox using the menu in the upper left-hand side of the app.

Select Priority Matrix Inbox on android

Click “Inbox” in the bottom of the menu. Then, tap the top bar that says “Inbox”. This will draft an email to your Priority Matrix inbox from your email account.

Select Priority Matrix Inbox on android                Using Priority Matrix Inbox on android

Save this email address as a contact in your email for Android.

Using Priority Matrix Inbox on android saving email

When you forward emails to this address, they will appear in your Priority Matrix inbox.

Using Priority Matrix Inbox on android


To import the emails into projects, simply tap once on the email. Navigate to the project you would like to drop it in and tap any empty space within the quadrant. You will be shown the following message. Click “Import”.

priority matrix inbox import elements

The subject line of the email will become the name of the task; the body of the email can be found in the notes section, and any attachments to the email will be under “Files”.

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