Depending on your calendar server, you will want to read or watch the appropriate tutorial. You can find iCal here, Google Calendar here, and the remainder of this page will focus on Outlook.

  1. Select “Data” from the top of the screen. As you look down the options, the bottom one says “Sync to your Calendars.”
  2. The top link is for all of your items and the bottom is only for the items delegated to you. Under the links, you can see different projects to enable or disable, depending on whether or not you want those tasks to appear. Once you’ve figured out which projects to enable, copy the link for either all the items or just the delegated ones and open Outlook.
  3. Go into your Outlook calendar and select “add calendar” from the top of the screen. Click the “from internet” button on the dropdown menu. That will open a space to paste the link you copied.
  4. Click on “save.”