The best part about using Priority Matrix to share files is that once it’s created, anyone on the team can see and access the file immediately. This is a great tool for ensuring that everyone is on the same page and using the same documents.  See below to learn how you can upload and share files!

There are several ways to upload files:

  1. Right click on any quadrant and choose “new item from… pasteboard” from the dropdown. This will pull the last thing you copied from your clipboard and put it in as a task.
  2. Right click and select “new item from… files” and pick the file you’d like to open. You can also choose “new item from… screenshot” to take a picture of your screen and upload it.
  3. Click on the blue + sign in the upper left corner and choose “add files” or “add screenshot” to the quadrant.
  4. If the file is easily dragged and dropped, it can be dragged directly onto Priority Matrix and into any quadrant.
  5. Files can also be dragged and dropped into your inbox. If the file starts in your inbox, it can be dragged into any project or quadrant.
  6. Clicking on the Files tab of the item detail view and selecting the file you want.
  7. Drag a file into the conversation box in item detail view.

Remember: once the file is uploaded, you can delegate it out to any of your team members and someone who is already in that project can instantly see and access it.