There are 3 different types of alert notifications a user can receive:

1.) Email

Alert Notifications Priority Matrix

2.) In Priority Matrix under “Item Details” where the Conversation Box is located


3.) MAC DESKTOP: In the notifications center at the top right corner.  This will also trigger pop-ups unless the user has the pop-ups deactivated: See Link Here to Deactivate Pop-ups (

Alert Notifications Priority Matrix Screenshot

WINDOWS DESKTOP: Pop-up notification will appear in a purple box that comes from the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

The main notifications a user can receive on their DESKTOP through Email, Pop Up, AND Notification Center are as follows:

  • Delegate a Task to a User
  • Add a User to a Project
  • Due Dates/Reminders
  • Update Task in Comment Box Via Message
  • Update Task Via “Due Date”
  • Tasks Done
  • Reminders that are physically set in the “Item Details”

The Other DESKTOP notifications that only appear in the “Conversation” section of “Item Details” are as follows:

  • Add Follower
  • Remove Follower
  • Update Task Via Progress, Effort
  • Adjustments to the “Reminder” button by Administrator which is seen by all followers

If a user has the mobile app, on Android or iPhone, they will receive push notifications through the app unless otherwise disabled for the same alerts.  If you would like to disable your notifications, use the link provided here! Hope this helps!