Microsoft Teams

Integrate Microsoft Teams with Priority Matrix

Why you and your team should use the MS Teams integration: Update your Priority Matrix directly from within Teams and see these changes reflected in your PM app. Use the 1:1 tab to view items between yourself and another use to plan for your daily/weekly meetings. Be sure to check out additional resources on how […]

Set Up Your Teams/Slack/Skype Chatbot

Are you excited about the Teams, Slack and Skype chatbot integration with Priority Matrix?  So are we!  Learn how to install this chatbot and get chatting 🙂 Background info about your new chatbot: Features: Notify the user of instant changes in the team data. Equivalent to notifications in IOS, windows, mac. Example: delegations, upload files, […]

Chatbot commands for Teams, Skype and Slack

Are you ready to make your daily workflow that much easier with our Teams, Slack and Skype chatbot integrations with your Priority Matrix?  Update the status of your items with simple commands from your favorite chat app, and keep your entire team on the same page. Try the commands below on either Teams, Slack or Skype […]

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