How to: Succeed in Your Next Construction Project with Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix is a software solution that enables teams to collaborate more effectively by providing a platform that centralizes project documents, action items, and communication all in one place. This article is intended for managers in the construction industry who are looking for an effective solution for team collaboration.  We’ll cover the basics of how

How 20 Teams Actually Manage Construction Projects

As a manager, it’s not uncommon to ask yourself, ‘am I doing this right?’ Even the most experienced managers in the construction industry consistently strive to learn different methods of management that allow them to increase their team efficiency and deliver more successful projects. However, without a benchmark to compare themselves to, it’s hard to

Construction Project Management Advice

Managing construction projects is no small feat. With 1000s of action items to handle, timelines to be met and projects to be delivered, the question many project managers face is, “is my team working as effectively as possible?” Here at Appfluence, we’re on a mission to help teams work more effectively. Not only have we built

Project Manager vs. Construction Manager

>> Click to Share on Twitter<< So, what is the difference between a construction manager and a project manager? The answer can be boiled down to three main categories: Scope of Responsibilities Authority Level Focus Construction Manager vs. Project Manager Responsibilities While the construction manager oversees on-site operations, such as personnel, materials, and the construction budget,