Case Study – Susan Cutlip Calvary Baptist

Organization for Church Leaders



Priority Matrix brings ‘organization galore!’ to church leaders.

Susan Cutlip
Administrative Assistant


Calvary Baptist Church was started in 1911 by a shoe salesman who wanted to reach the German immigrants of Bethlehem, Pa. In its more than one hundred year history, Calvary’s growth has prompted the church to move four times, most recently in 2011, to Green Pond Road in Bethlehem Township. Calvary Baptist Church is a member of the North American Baptist Conference. Susan Cutlip is an Administrative Assistant at Calvary Baptist Church, where she helps the church work towards its mission of “Worshiping God. Growing in Christ. Serving in the Spirit.” In this case study, Susan shared with us how she uses Priority Matrix to manage project priorities at Cavalry Baptist.


Before using Priority Matrix, Susan managed her responsibilities and collaborated with the Pastor at Calvary Baptist using pen, paper, and Google calendar. However, she faced numerous points of frustration, such as:

  1. Keeping track of the pieces of paper, rather than having everything in one, central location.
  2. Making sure everything got on Google calendar, and dealing with stress when items weren’t input correctly.
  3. Being alerted to what is coming up and needs done next. With some things on paper, and some in Google calendar, tasks could fall through the cracks.


Now, Susan uses Priority Matrix to work closely with the pastor at Cavalry Baptist. They set due dates on items within the app to make sure nothing slips by without notice. On top of that, they use Priority Matrix reminders and built in calendar to stay on top of priorities across multiple projects. Priority Matrix has provided Susan:

  1. A way to see exactly what needs to be done at any time.
  2. A record of what she’s accomplished on a per-project basis.
  3. A central place to keep track of all of her priorities, so she can make sure she and the rest of the church leadership are making progress toward their vision.


Getting started with Priority Matrix was “easy,” Susan says, “very easy.” Now that she’s using PM, she says she feels more organized, and doesn’t end up duplicating tasks or information, like she did before with Google Calendar and paper.

When we asked Susan the biggest reason she would recommend Priority Matrix to a friend, she simply said:

“Organization Galore!”