Appfluence Launches Free Email and Project Management Solution for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook

Appfluence Launches Free Email and Project Management Solution for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook

Appfluence Launches Free Email and Project Management Solution for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook

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Palo Alto, CA October 29, 2019 Appfluence, a productivity intelligence software company, today announced the availability of Priority Matrix™ for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook. Priority Matrix helps teams focus on top priorities and projects. Customers use it to prioritize better, increase team accountability and effectiveness, and increase productivity.

Priority Matrix will be available for free for users of Teams and Outlook, and customers and companies can upgrade to get enhanced features that can help them prioritize better and achieve more.

Benefitting from the power of Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, Microsoft Graph, and Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Priority Matrix’s integrations into Teams and Outlook help teams and project managers stay productive and accountable by helping them focus on what matters most. Use cases include project management, product planning, email management, meeting management, and general task management. Integration with Office means users do not have to switch context to get unified data access between Outlook, Teams, and Priority Matrix.

Early pilot users of the Priority Matrix office integrations, such as Luis Maciel, an I.T. Director, says “Priority Matrix allows me to have full visibility to all projects at any given time… this is extremely helpful when solving complex issues that require an immediate response… the Microsoft Teams’ integration is awesome!” His team already reports savings of 2-3 hours per person per week. Prior to today, Priority Matrix for Teams has been installed on over 3000 tenant organizations, and Priority Matrix for Outlook alone is on track to help customers manage more than a million emails as tasks a year.

We built Priority Matrix for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook specifically with the Microsoft Office and Windows platform in mind. I want customers to better manage key action items without leaving the platforms they already use. They can reduce distractions, get status updates, or conduct more efficient meetings, all while switching context less often. Being integrated into Teams and Outlook means users don’t need to run another app and can finally reduce the number of software solutions they’re using. Our goal is simple: help customers focus and prioritize in an era where there’s far too much distractions.” says Hai Nguyen, co-founder at Appfluence, who manages the Appfluence-Microsoft relationship.

Mike Ammerlaan, director, Microsoft 365 Ecosystem at Microsoft Corp., says “Priority Matrix is a comprehensive integration for Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft Office platform. Being able to manage emails, access and create tasks in meetings as well as see priorities across my team and project without switching context shows the power of what Teams and Priority Matrix can do together.

Priority Matrix acts as a central hub for workflow communications—adding structure, context and cohesiveness to work-related conversations:

  1. Quadrants help users “visualize” the top priorities of each team member and project, making it easier to identify mismatches in priorities and hone-in on key issues
  2. One-on-One view helps you see tasks you have in common, so your meetings are effective and efficient
  3. Productivity Intelligence technology helps identify related items to your emails and provide contextually relevant information inside Teams and Outlook
  4. Graph integration allows customers to access their Office data directly inside Priority Matrix
  5. Proven solution available on all platforms and has already been used by thousands of organizations to manage millions of projects and tens of millions of tasks.

Priority Matrix for Teams was recently selected as one of the “Top Picks” on the Microsoft Teams app store and featured by BetterWith Office.

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About Appfluence, Inc. 
Appfluence is a productivity intelligence software company based in Palo Alto, CA. We build Priority Matrix™, a collaborative prioritization software for teams to visualize key priorities, track action items, and create a more efficient and effective workforce. Priority Matrix is deeply integrated into Microsoft Teams and Outlook, as well as other major platforms. Priority Matrix is used at thousands of companies across industries such as construction, education, IT services, sales, and operations. For more information, visit

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